Been a photographer since I was 7 when i was given a brownie as a a camera.  Through the years, without me knowing it, i developed my eye for the scene and has made me the photographer I am today. I love scenery and photographing animals and unique situations.  More and more I have been asked to perform professional services.  Being a little nervous to start on a new venture like this, i realized that its more rewarding than doing everything on a volunteer basis.  Camera equipment, and time cost money and without it, i would not be able to find one of the adventures i love in my life.

Welcome to Moonlight Productions Canada. We are a small photography design business with a personal touch. 


If you are looking for a Family Photo Shoot, have an event or just need headshots done, email me and Ill call you back to discuss. 



Peter Fuzessery

Owner - Moonlight Productions Canada